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New year, new Potato
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Potato has been loved and supported for many years since its launch. With the arrival of the new year, Potato has also ushered in its new beginning. Let's take a look at the changes brought by potato!

Pt has a new look

Pt has a new look for the new year, bringing you a new experience

The new Potato adopts a new layout, with a streamlined bottom navigation bar and the "My" function moved to the top left corner.

Also in the chat message bar, we have expanded the message capacity, so you can see more content, and we have optimized the presentation when you receive important messages

Showing your unique personality

Now you can set or change your status at any time, record your unique signature and show it to your friends.

Be the first to know what your friends are up to

You will get the fastest notification of your friends' updates, and you can see your friends' updates directly in the discovery page, and you can view and reply to your friends' updates directly.

New login and registration process

On IOS and Android, we have optimized the login and registration process, the new login style and process, hope to bring you a better experience

Video downloading while playing

On IOS and Android, no more waiting for videos to play, you can watch and play while opening them

Improved applet management features

In Android and IOS applet management function, we have added the re-add applet and copy link function, you can copy the link of the applet directly to send to your friends

In Android, you can directly place your applet into your phone's desktop and open the applet directly in your phone's desktop

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